Constructive People...

KARAN GROUP PROMOTERS & BUILDERS is recognized as a leader in Residential, Commercial and Recreational Construction. Many of our projects adorn city skylines and stand tall as a testimonial of our client's faith in the group. Our most sought after praise comes from our clients.

Karan Group is a Private Limited Company and our top priority is to be the best at whatever we do, whether it is building a one of a kind commercial estate or a multi-generational home that will span three generations.

We always strive to build value into our client's requirements at the most reasonable cost. We are proud of our history and will continue to surpass our yesteryear's standards every time all the time.

  18 years of experience
Over 5000 satisfied families

At Karan Group,
Success is not an event.
It's a continous process that is necessarily strived for.